Dipl. Des. Miriam Barton

We live in turbulent times, people want to feel adressed. Visualization creates Clarity and Connection. As a graduate designer with a focus on illustration, I always follow the principle of form follows function to find a visual solution that brings clarity. Working independently since 2011, I have created a wide range of content as animated explainers, illustrations and graphic recordings for businesses, organizations and the public sector.
I love transformative processes.
I enjoy thinking and empathizing with your concerns in order to develop a strong, individual concept!
Photo: ©JulietteMoarbes

Story → Image → Clarity → Action


Visual Storytelling

In total, more than 20 years of experience with development and realization of animated short films, 9 of them employed. My education includes traditional animation as well as motion design. Character animation is my personal passion.

Graphic Recording

In graphic recording, communication at conferences, events and meetings is visually documented in real time and translated into significant images. The contextual results are captured on-site with the help of markers on large-format paper, or drawn online, remotely and digitally. The sensual appeal stimulates active participation and a deep comprehension of the discourse.


Illustrations are images created for an applied context, illustrators always solve a practical problem. The origin of the term, which refers to the Latin word illustrare, already shows this supporting, context-related basic character: Illustrare means to illuminate – illustrators illuminate something, reveal the essence and explain it. (quote: io)

Strategic visualization

Developing a vision and transforming it into reality – a target picture helps to define the necessary steps. Ideas become visible, resistances manageable and solutions tangible. The process is based on intensive communication and repeated feedback loops until the objective has crystallized in clarity for everyone.

My professional background

  • 2001: BA in Visual Communication, University of Western Sydney
  • 2002: Diploma Design FH Münster with focus on illustration
  • 2003: European Animation Masterclass, Halle
  • 2003-2011: Head of Set Design, NFP Animation Film GmbH ( ZDF Mainzelmännchen Inserts)
  • 2011-… Freelance work
  • Video Interview 2022

How do I work?

1. first meeting

You tell me about your project, your goal and the challenges. I listen and collect all the relevant information. You ask all your questions. You ask all your questions.

2. offer

I formulate an offer based on the information provided. This specifies a time and cost frame as well as the desired extent of use. You give a written commitment if you agree.

3. conception

Research on the topic and development of the target-oriented visual language. Development of a storyboard, mood board or key visual. I adjust the designs based on your consolidated feedback so that they meet your objectives.

4. creation

Implementation of the concept into the creative design of an illustration, a strategic visualization or a graphic recording. To produce an animated explainer, I also incorporate freelance services such as professional voice actors and sound design.

5. result

We are in frequent communication throughout the entire process. Collaboration is the key! When the work is finalized, I hand over the desired formats and you use the visualization for your goals.

Have I sparked your interest?