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Graphic Recording
Analog Graphic Recording at Move Conference 2023
Szenes from Move Conference 2023

At the Move Conference for Sustainability Communication 2023, attendees were able to observe inputs become visuals live and in real time. On 5 x 1,2 meters the analog graphic recording with markers on paper was created over 2 days.

Best cases, keynote speeches, keynotes and deep dive sessions dealt with the challenges that companies have to face in order to operate sustainably and thus become fit for the future.

I learned that with the coming EU directives, sustainability reports will have to be more and more valid and transparent in showing how companies operate in terms of their supply chains, their resource consumption, their carbon footprint and the protection of biodiversity, among other things.

Events that I feel passionate about thematically give me a good creative flow. I learned so much again, felt so much power from cool, committed people with a mission.

How does Graphic Recording work?
Graphic Recording visualizes communication, the resulting ideas are sustainably reinforced.

This is what happens to the viewer who follows the drawing process: Graphic Recording supplements the linguistic processing of the left brain hemisphere with visual-spatial processes of the right brain hemisphere. Facts and images are interlinked in perception, thus they are internalized more strongly and understood more deeply.

What my Clients say

The essence in beautiful graphics

Graphic storytelling – Miriam’s work gives it a whole new dimension. It’s amazing how she transfers the essence of a lecture into great, inspiring and also mega beautiful graphics in what feels like seconds. I was lucky enough to experience this for 2 days at the MOVE conference – a great way to recapitulate what was said (because with many presentations it’s not easy to take everything down) and also for the organizers to be able to reflect again. With everyone. And: Social runs: Sharing is the icing on the cake – it gives you a nice conclusion and gets you in touch with people. Thank you, dear Miriam.

Sirin Emre-Flender
Covestro – Corporate Communications

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