Graphic Recording

Graphic recording (analog) for the Federal Association of German Cooperative Banks

How much Gen Z is in a cooperative?

Neonblau”, the young think tank of the Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken, gets to the bottom of this question.

At the first offsite event at Hemmersbach Castle in February 2024, 50 young participants aged between 18 and 27 will explore the topics of cooperatives, financial education, banking experience and sustainability. The participants were selected from over 500 applications from all over Germany.

On the last day, the results of the workshops were presented and I was there as a graphic recorder. The large graphic recording created on a solid painting surface now serves as a reminder – the fresh ideas of Gen Z should be put into practice!

Videograph Time Lapse Video: Miguel Ontiveros

BVR group photo with graphic recording

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