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The Contact

Visual Storytelling

The animated film is based on a quote from C.G. Jung. In chemical science as well as in psychology: When the chemistry is right, a transformative process occurs!

The encounter of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: When there is a reaction, both are transformed.

C.G. Jung

The scientific work of C.G. Jung is impressive and offers insights that can also be extremely illuminating for visual communication designers. In his work, Jung dealt intensively with the human mind and its functioning, especially with regard to the collective unconscious and the meaning of symbols.

Jung’s work “Man and his Symbols” is a classic that still finds many readers and interested people today. In this book Jung describes his theory of archetypes and shows how they influence our thoughts and actions. Jung also discusses the symbolism that can be found in various cultures and religions. The work of C.G. Jung is therefore not only of interest to psychologists, but also to designers and artists who deal with visual language and symbolism.

Sound Design
Johannes Weißgerber

Yasmin Hadisubrata

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