Potsdam Science Park

PSP Conference 2022

Graphic Recording

An analog graphic recording on innovations in biotechnology and bioeconomy at the Potsdam Science Park.

Photo: © sevens[+]maltry

During the graphic recording at the PSP Conference 2022, I felt once again how grateful I am to be able to pursue this profession. Such condensed expert knowledge, and you have the honor of being able to draw the whole thing.

Here I visualized with marker on paper live on site.
Many thanks to the Hamburg agency Visual Facilitators for the job.

What my clients say

Absolute recommendation!

At our PSP Conference 2022, representatives from science and industry presented future sustainable technologies focusing on “Biotechnology & Bioeconomy – Pathway to the Future”.
Miriam Barton did a fantastic job of documenting our sessions and drawing the highlights to the point, even with complex scientific contexts. Absolute recommendation!

Agnes von Matuschka
Managing Director at Standortmanagement Golm GmbH Potsdam Science Park

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