Chemicals World Conference 2023


Graphic Recording
Graphic Recording World Chemicals Conference ICCM5 Youth Forum

Digital Graphic Recording at the World Chemicals Conference ICCM5 in Bonn (September 2023). The aim of the conference is to ensure safe chemicals management in all countries.

The UN Major Group for Children and Youth organized the Youth Panel, which I documented visually. Children and young people are rarely heard, but are the most affected when it comes to chemicals and waste management, as their bodies absorb a particularly high level of toxins.

Working here was a emotional experience for me, because I was deeply impressed by the international young people in their fight for justice and against the poisoning of their homeland. Hearing about the strong and courageous campaigns that the speakers have launched gives hope.

The Earth Negotiations Bulletin reports on the event here.

In the following time lapse video (8 min) you can follow the entire drawing process in detail.

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