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Graphic Recording

Analog graphic recording on site

(Marker on cardboard honeycomb panel, 1185 mm × 2390 mm)

In May 2022 the Women’s Club for Change in Music and Entertainment, initiated by Vanessa Nikolidakis (spotify), met at BEBA Berlin. My task was to visualize the Pain Points, ToDo’s and Future Scenarios, which were discussed in parallel workshops to give the mission power and persistence.

The original is now hanging at Spotify in Hamburg.

Photo: ©madwomencollective


What my clients say


The Spotify Equalizer Sessions bring together FLINTA from the entertainment, media and music industry to get into touch, engage and work together to find solutions for a more equal world. We are happy that Miriam Barton accompanied our first session empathically and with humor, a lot of attention to detail, and a good hand. 10/10Vanessa Nikolidakis, Marketing Lead DACH, Spotify

Vanessa Nikolidakis
Marketing Lead DACH, Spotify

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