Team Polz

Sovereign Leadership

Strategic visualization

The graph above symbolizes the development through 6 styles of leadership.

For Team Polz, I have created these strategic visualizations reflecting on different leadership styles and topics in the context of the book ” Sovereign Leadership – Strategies and Mindset for Successful Leading in Times of New Work”, published in 2022.

Link to the Wiley publishing house

The collaboration was a very interesting insight into contemporary coaching for companies! Our concept development was based on an intensive exchange, which had the goal to illustrate the expertise of the coaching team precisely and to make it comprehensible even for non-expert observers.

The visuals show the following leadership styles: 1. hierarchical, 2. transactional, 3. situational, 4. transformational, 5. agile and 6. coaching.

These illustrations were created for an additional publication on the topic of leadership.

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