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Mainstreaming Naturkapital

Graphic Recording
Visual Storytelling

DUH uses these two animated Explainers in its political information campaign on the idea of considering our natural resources economically. The results of scientific studies (e.g. from the Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research) were processed as animated infographics and embedded in a visual story. Political stakeholders are to be sensitized to integrate the value of natural capital into their decision-making processes.

Campaign Website
Nature is our Capital

It was particularly interesting for me to accompany the creative process of developing content during the online event by graphic recording. The participants were consultants, researchers and experts in the field of ecology and economy.


What my Clients say

Thanks for the great cooperation

DUH is very happy to work with Miriam Barton. Without her, our successful project “Mainstreaming Natural Capital Germany” with its communicative challenges in times of pandemic lockdown would not have been possible. Her Graphic Recording for a creative workshop was important preparation, her two animated Explainers then indispensable elements of successful digital seminars and the continued website Home – Nature is our Capital ( Thanks for the great cooperation, which was a lot of fun!

Ulrich Stöcker
Senior Expert DUH | Nature Conservation and Biodiversity | Team Leader Wilderness & Natural Capital

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